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My name is Benny; I am the husband of a beautiful wife named Julie and the Dad of two precious sons, an undeserving child of God, a preacher of a "fooolish message", a perpetual student, a lover of words and a reader of books. I have been married for ten years and am originally from the SW Virginia/NE Tennessee area.

On a personal level, I have been following Christ since the age of 15. Having come from a fractured home with less than desirable circumstances, my life up to the time of placing trust in Christ could be summarized as hopeless and broken. Nevertheless; in His rich mercy, God had a plan which I could have never imagined. Although I believe God’s call in my life to be more of a process, I began ministering in a public manner at the age of 17. I have spent the majority of my life from that point in an attempt to point others to Christ; it is that endeavor that I continue to pursue. Truth be known, a day rarely passes in which I do not feel completely and undeniably inadequate in this pursuit; yet, I press on. I press on mostly due to a fire within. A fire that has at times flickered but has never burnt out. A fire that started as a small spark but through the years has been fanned and fueled by those whom the Lord has used to encourage, teach, and equip me for the monumental task of proclamation and service to Christ my Savior. This fire I speak of is unfortunately fueled at times by ego, selfish pursuits, and worldly desire; nevertheless, it has been my experience that those things burn quickly and produce neither heat nor light. There are those other times, however, in which this fire is fueled by gratitude, thankfulness, humbleness, obedience, and devotion; it is during these times that I see not what I am capable of but rather what God can do through a useful vessel.

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