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Hi! My name is Nick and I live in Athens, Greece.I'm into all sorts of crafts but sculpting one of a kind polymer clay dolls is among my favorites. I have an adorable beagle, Laura, and a cute as a button doll-face white Persian cat, Crystal.I like to try new things and experiment a lot, kinda restless actually. So many ideas and projects in my head, yet so little time...

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  • How to make eyes for a polymer clay doll

    How to make eyes for a polymer clay doll

    4 years ago

    They say that eyes are the window to the soul. Though a polymer clay figure lacks a soul , the eyes are a key point to a perfect doll.It's the first thing people will notice and you know what they say about first...

  • Dressing a polymer clay doll

    Dressing a polymer clay doll

    4 years ago

    Fabrics, fabrics! So many options to choose from yet making the right choice for your doll can be quite difficult. A flawless doll may sink into mediocrity with the wrong outfit, while a doll sculpted with quite a few...