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Andrew Spacey has been a regular contributor to online writing sites and print magazines for years. He writes mainly about his passion for poetry, drama and travel and combines this creativity with teaching Drama and English.

Andrew has published poems on blogs, (bolts of silk)(the red ceiling), in small book form and has articles published in the Guardian newspaper (UK). He also writes for Constant Content.

He is the author of two books, 21 Bird Poems and Love Songs To A Camel, a book of nonsense poetry. Both are available on Amazon.

As well as a keen interest in literature and the performing arts, Andrew enjoys sports and cooking. His claim to fame on the culinary side is that he once made real Italian ice cream with eggs and coffee. And his guests even managed to eat it. His one regret is that he didn't make enough.

Andrew walks every day, at least two miles, and is convinced that this is the main reason he stays so healthy. So far. He also believes that walking inspires people to create.

'Walking is a therapy and helps the mind cope with all manner of things. The more you walk the more creative you could become.'

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      • Lists and Links

        Lists and Links

        6 months ago

        If I create a hub that is a list - say 50 Essential Herbal Oils - or 100 Basic Yoga Positions for People 60+ - can I make each separate entry a link to websites that have more specific scientific information say, or an...

      • CPM and the January hangover

        CPM and the January hangover

        8 months ago

        I'm a dimwit when it comes to knowledge of CPM but thought I'd do a little more research into this murky subject just to satisfy my curiousity. Seems the month of January is always an "after the Lord Mayor's Show...

      • CPM increase

        CPM increase

        18 months ago

        Talk about a roller coaster few weeks on HP! My latest stats are showing CPM increases of 60% or more, the hghest for weeks, if not months. Not sure if CPM is an indicator of progress going forward - I don't know much...

      • Stolen Content

        Stolen Content

        19 months ago

        This website may have stolen hubs: wwwDOTolumoonlineDOTcom.One of my hubs is on this Nigerian site, complete in every detail apart from the title which has been craftily changed. I've just sent an email to let them know...

      • Inappropriate How to Shave Your Butt hub in recommended hubs feature!!

        Inappropriate How to Shave Your Butt hub in recommended hubs feature!!

        20 months ago

        I couldn't quite believe the recommended hubs shown at the bottom of one of my literature hubs - How to Shave Your Butt together with Sebaceous Pimples/Boil Removal again showing what is I think a sickly photo of a...

      • Pages with Blocked Resources on Google Webmasters

        Pages with Blocked Resources on Google Webmasters

        23 months ago

        Is it normal to have pages with blocked resources on Google Webmasters? Google suggests it may hamper indexing. Not very good with all this technical business - Is there a simple solution hubbers know of or do I have to...

      • Views and Visits

        Views and Visits

        2 years ago

        One of my hubs has been visited 431 times by another hubber, way too many times if you ask me. I'm suspicious but don't want to imply that something sinister is going on. It might be that they love my hub and can't stop...

      • Is this website ok or is it a bit shady?

        Is this website ok or is it a bit shady?

        2 years ago

        I came across this website http /www.tpu-shield. com/p/Sports_and_Recreation___HubPages_com and am not sure if it is ok or is it doing something it shouldn't?Someone with knowledge of these issues could quickly answer...

      • Strange website URL that shows Hubpages page.

        Strange website URL that shows Hubpages page.

        2 years ago

        I came across this website http://www.joke buddha.com/ web/ E47/International. I'm just puzzled as to how this works? Anyone got an explanation? I've left a gap between joke and buddha but it is all one word.

      • Hubs scraped/copied

        Hubs scraped/copied

        2 years ago

        Whilst browsing I found this blogsite has at least one copied hub by janshares. There may be others.http://pastarecipeseasycecuy. wordpress. com/2014/01/21/ how-to-make-salmon-patties-easy-low-budget-healthy-dinner/

      • Hub Quality

        Hub Quality

        2 years ago

        I just spent 10 minutes hub hopping and can tell you there are some rare specimens out there trying to get through the net, over the wall and into publishing land. If you've never hub hopped before I recommend you give...

      • Libwww-Perl - Is this a serious threat to hubs?

        Libwww-Perl - Is this a serious threat to hubs?

        3 years ago

        I had the idea to try and improve SEO on my hubs. I thought I would test one of my hubs at seositecheckup.com so put the URL in and up came loads of data including advice about Libwww-Perl which is some sort of library?...

      • Webcrawler.com


        3 years ago

        I notice through my stats that Webcrawler.com has visited a hub of mine. Just what is Webcrawler.com and should I be suspicious about this visit or is it nothing to worry about?

      • How to get rid of rank08.com Rip Off site

        How to get rid of rank08.com Rip Off site

        4 years ago

        rank08.com is a rip off of HP, written in French. Many hubbers have tried to bring this site down but it's still there. When I go to Webmaster Tools - Links to your site - rank08.com has over 300 links. How do I get rid...

      • Featured Hubs

        Featured Hubs

        4 years ago

        Why when I search the featured hubs sections do I often find poor quality hubs written by hubbers who have not been active on HP for ages? This is not a one off. I also find hubs that lack good grammar and have images...

      • Thieves stealing content

        Thieves stealing content

        4 years ago

        I am very angry this day. Some of my hubs have been stolen and re-published by a common thief who will no doubt sit back and enjoy the rewards. Why can a thief sit back and enjoy their work? Because there's not a thing...

      • Web Directories

        Web Directories

        4 years ago

        I checked my domain on google and find that it's in some tacky looking directories and SEO analysers. How did this happen? How can I get rid of them if I think they're poor quality? Webmaster Tools says I can disavow...

      • FIXED: Stats/Featured icon on-hover again reflects Hub status

        FIXED: Stats/Featured icon on-hover again reflects Hub status

        4 years ago

        When I click on stats and go to Featured for one of my hubs all I see is: myaccount_index_description.What does this mean? Anybody know?

      •  Verification on Webmaster Tools. Is it crucial?

        Verification on Webmaster Tools. Is it crucial?

        4 years ago

        I had been verified but the last time I checked I had a 'not verified' note. How do I verify again? I've been through the process but find it tricky. Is it absolutely necessary to be verified? I found it a useful tool...

      • Stats and Links

        Stats and Links

        4 years ago

        If some of my hubs are linked to other hubbers with Hubscores of less than 75 and these hubbers are not active with only 1 or 2 hubs in 2 years, is this a good, bad or insignificant thing?

      • Sitemaps


        4 years ago

        Is it necessary to submit sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools? Or does this happen automatically once a hub is featured? Webmaster Tools recommends it but I'm not sure if I need to, or could do!

      • The status code 410

        The status code 410

        4 years ago

        On Google Webmasters my hubs have suddenly been given a 410. How or why does this happen? My traffic has fallen off a cliff. What's the best thing to do?

      • question and answers

        question and answers

        5 years ago

        I am told that I can no longer answer questions. Is that decision from HubPages final?

      • links


        5 years ago

        When I try to link my own hubs using a tracker Bad Link appears. Is this normal? Do I always need to link via the chain in the text box?

      • Resolved: duplicate content

        Resolved: duplicate content

        5 years ago

        If we use quotes and excerpts in a hub and attribute them why is it that the duplicate tag sometimes appears?Is there a certain threshold you cross - say 10% or 25% duplication before the tag is automatically...

      • syndication


        5 years ago

        If I write an original hub on HubPages how do I syndicate it?

      • sharing hubs

        sharing hubs

        5 years ago

        I am an idiot but - how do you share another hubber's hub? Do you simply click on Facebook or Twitter? A simple step by step answer would do me.

      • share a hub

        share a hub

        5 years ago

        Apologies for my dumbness - how do you share another hubber's hub? Do you just press on Facebook or Twitter? Is it that simple?

      • flag up

        flag up

        5 years ago

        Every hub I visit - to check my own or others by different hubbers - is flagged up. What's going on here? Someone messing about? Settings? Virus? It's never happened before.

      • earnings


        5 years ago

        If all my earning programs are active does this mean everything is ok earning wise? I don't need to do anything else to make sure the earnings come through?

      • referral trackers

        referral trackers

        5 years ago

        I'm having trouble fully grasping how to use referral trackers. I've read a great hub which explains all BUT find myself going round in circles. Where exactly do I paste the URL of a great hub (after clicking on Link to...

      • red and blue triangles

        red and blue triangles

        5 years ago

        Are the red and blue triangles that show up for traffic rate accurate? If there are blue ones are these pointers towards immediate hub revamp? If red, immediate pinging perhaps to get the hub out there as quickly as...

      • Length of Hub

        Length of Hub

        5 years ago

        Is there an ideal number of words and images for a hub? Is keyword strength a factor and different from keyword density? For example, if I write a hub of 1500 words and my keywords appear 5 times is that hub likely to...

      • Bing files

        Bing files

        5 years ago

        I'm trying to upload a Bing XML file to my root directory? Is there a simple way of explaining how to do this? In layman's terms. I know I'm a beginner!

      • Bing file

        Bing file

        5 years ago

        I'm trying to get my sites crawled by Bing but I'm stuck at the point of verifying ownership.Can anyone give me the simple layman's language for uploading Bing XML file to the root directory of my site?How do I do...

      • pings


        5 years ago

        What's the verdict on pinging - is it a vital part of the ranking game or just a feel good activity that eventually goes nowhere?

      • tags


        5 years ago

        Is there an ideal number of tags to have for your hub? Hub pages recommend up to 12 but there are many hubs with far more. Is the number dependent on the word count of the hub or is it an arbitrary number you can have?

      • Ttile and URL change

        Ttile and URL change

        5 years ago

        Can I change the title (via edit for this one) and URL of my hub after it's been published?

      • Ads on some of my hubs

        Ads on some of my hubs

        5 years ago

        Some of my hubs seem to be adless but I'm not sure why. I'm not writing about taboo subjects and all my accounts are active. What are the main reasons for ads not appearing? How do I solve this problem?