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I am a B. Sc holder of Plant science (Honors), an agribusiness enthusiast, investor, and entrepreneur. Writing is my passion. My brand of writing is science writing.

I specialize more in writing science-oriented articles that have the theme of the biological sciences. My niche include the agribusiness, healthcare technology, investment, entrepreneurship, technical and fictional writing, Editing and Proof reading.

My skills and competencies include exceptional conceptual, analytical, writing, and editing skills. I have a knack for synthesizing and pulverizing large amounts of information into a persuasive and clear language.

A professional based in Lagos, Nigeria with superior writing skills with the ability to communicate complex scientific or technical ideas and terms in a clear, compelling way, and a unified voice.

I am a graduate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management.

Indeed, it is great being here on Hubpages. I am passionate about being part of a global team that ensures high-quality contents are on the web. I believe the conventional mass media like the television ,radio ,traditional newspapers would not be as popular and widely utilized if low-quality contents or pap contents were all featured on these media .Professionals run this mass media.

Such high standard should also be set on the Internet.

See me as a professional who chose to till well on the plot under my care.

My Hubpages account is that plot.

Again, it is great being here on Hubpages.

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