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Cabinetmaker/Woodworker with over 20 years experience in design & craftsmanship. I own a cabinet shop in central Texas, which is my true passion as well as my job. Over the years I have crafted thousands of projects out of wood. I spend my free time on the internet, reading and writing about my trade. I have studied countless books about woodworking and cabinetry, and have written several articles. My lenses reflect my interests and help me to research and learn.

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  • The Woodworkers Router Guide

    The Woodworkers Router Guide

    24 months ago

    The wood router is one of the most versatile tools in the woodworking shop; a huge assortment of router bits allows this popular power tool to be used for various applications. From decorative edges to a simple round...

  • Miter Saw Tips

    Miter Saw Tips

    24 months ago

    Despite the seemingly endless number of tools that you can buy for woodworking, you should start with a miter saw. As your interest in woodworking grows, you will find the miter saw is important in the completion of...

  • The Complete Cabinet Making Guide

    The Complete Cabinet Making Guide

    24 months ago

    This is the complete guide to Cabinet Making, it covers the woodworking skills, and material used to produce custom cabinetry. This lens is for the curious woodworker, for a better understanding of cabinet making, so...