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Chris lives in Brooklyn, NY. In 2005 he studied journalism at Kingsborough Community College and worked in loss prevention for four years. He is also a filmmaker. His interests include animals, basketball, video games, movies, biology, art, and of course, dinosaurs.

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  • Troodon


    4 years ago

    Troodon was the most intelligent dinosaur according to brain to body ratio. Had the KT extinction event not occurred would it have evolved sapience? Unfortunately we will never know.

  • Carnotaurus


    4 years ago

    Carnotaurus the meat-eating bull had many unique features. It had arms tinier than T-Rex and a bull-dog head with horns and bumps all over it. It was truly a terrifying sight.

  • Allosaurus


    4 years ago

    If Tyrannosaurus Rex was the king of the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period, then Allosaurus was arguably the king of the Jurassic world. Allosaurus was a formidable predator, measuring between twenty-eight and forty...

  • THE TIGER NEXT DOOR Living with man-eating Tigers

    THE TIGER NEXT DOOR Living with man-eating Tigers

    4 years ago

    Imagine being afraid to take a walk in your own neighborhood or even your own backyard. Imagine that there were ferocious predators stalking your hometown. In Bangladesh this fear is very real, and it is known as the...

  • Autism, is it really debilitating?

    Autism, is it really debilitating?

    5 years ago

    Are people with autism hopeless individuals who can’t function in society? In the past some medical professionals might have said so. Autism, a term coined by Swiss psychiatrist Paul Bleuler (1857-1939), is from the...