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I'm a lover of all things outdoors. I recently took a backpacking/hitchhiking adventure across the country with my fiance. I'm writing about it here: www.westplease.blogspot.com

Go check it out and subscribe to our crazy journey! In the meantime, I'll be publishing the Tips, Tricks, and Gear reviews here as well to help out anyone else who wants to take an amazing adventure.

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  • Cheap Alternative for Pet Shampoo

    Cheap Alternative for Pet Shampoo

    6 years ago

    What most people don't know before they go out and buy all the expensive flea shampoos and prevention medicines is that there is a very cheap, very easy alternative. I recently discovered that original Dawn dish soap...

  • Ultra Light Backpacking List

    Ultra Light Backpacking List

    6 years ago

    When my fiance and I started our backpacking/hitchhiking trip our packs weighed close to 30lbs, by the time we finished, they averaged 15-20 lbs. This is a complete list of the items we carried at the end of our...