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  Thanks for taking the time to peer into my Bio.

  I'm currently retired and traveling - at present, I'm in Central America. Might even be back into Mexico - a wonderful coutry.

  I write and take pictures - other than that, don't do much else to share here.

 My blog is The Big Mozey

 My pictures, what I think are the best I've done, are on Pinterest

  I'm what you would call an individualist, I guess.

  I think it's my resposibilty to lead my life the way I choose to lead it - with NO interference from a government.

  Hence, I don't have much respect for any government, much less the bozo's we have running things in D.C.. I think you might realize that when you read some of my hubs.

  If they offend you, well, so be it. Not my intention, just sharing my thoughts on a platform that allows me to do that.

  I have liberal friends that believe goverment should be involved in everything.

  We agree to disagree, hoping to change one anothers minds in a mature fashion of sharing ideas and facts.

  I apprecaite any input - from those that disagree with me, to those that love what I write. The only way I know of to get along is to communicate our thoughts and facts that we base our beliefs on.

 Emotions, and I'm as bad at this as anyone, get in the way of logical solutions to most problems. Adn usually, the problems are not of great magnitude, just a differing of views that can be resolved with simple solutions.

 I'm the kid of person that sees good and bad, right and wrong, Godly and Evil.

  Just a heads up if you're wondering about the mind that writes these hubs.

  Hope to meet you soon.



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