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First thing's first:

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read something that I have written, even if you didn't like it. The fact that you gave my writing a chance is just the greatest feeling ever. Thank you not only for the positive feedback, but also the negative feedback; I find it so helpful and I'm glad that people feel confident that I can take it.

To all my followers - not only those who follow me via a hubpages account - you are the ones who give me the motivation to write what I write. I have wanted to be a writer since I was in nursery, so you guys help me get closer and closer to my dream. You give me the confidence to believe in my writing.


Okay, now a little about me:

I really enjoy using my imagination for writing stories or poetry, and would be lost without my music. I also love taking photos - I always have my camera with me! Creativity just keeps me alive.

Although my Hubpage is pretty much the home for EVERYTHING I write, I also have a blog which bears my creative ideas and what I'm doing with my life. So please feel free to go to: ibitthepiranha.blogspot.com

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