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Reptile lover.

Most of my hubpages will be reptile or amphibian related.

Have been keeping, breeding, and working with reptiles for the past 14 years since I was 13 when I acquired my first pet snake, a ball python named, "Dora".

I currently keep various snakes - Corn snakes, redtail boas, a burmese python, and ball pythons.
I also own seven bearded dragons, seven pacman frogs (C.Cranwellis), an argentine black and white tegu, a baby iguana, two uromastyxs, 12 different species of tarantula, a scorpion, two parrots (eclectus and sun conure), as well as two of my own dogs and a foster dog.
I also breed bugs (more feeders than anything) including dubia roaches, madagascar hissing roaches, red runner roaches, superworms, mealworms, and dermestid beetles.

I am the outreach coordinator for a local 501(c)3 reptile and amphibian rescue and education organization.

So, to say my passion is reptiles is putting it lightly :)

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