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I am (currently) a 13 year old boy who attends St. John's School, but please do not accuse me of being spoiled; I personally am poor except for the meager 18 cents I have earned through this. I play the piano (guess what race I am...stereotypes can be true). Lincoln-Douglas debating is pretty much my favorite thing to do, and those Varsity kids should be ashamed to lose against me and laughing at my vertically inclined physique. My hobbies include: trolling Twilight fans, puzzles, playing the XBOX, traveling, watching the Colbert Report, SNL, Anderson Cooper, and all political comedies, and of course, writing. My favorite magazine is the Economist. Any more information and some theif will start stealing my identity.

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  • My Room Poem- Where I live

    My Room Poem- Where I live

    5 years ago

    My Room, My spacious camp A world beyond the world A sanctuary of peace Silence in the pillows Fun within the games Music from the piano All I ever need My Room, My safe harbor in which...