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Hi to you!!! Here is Dabney Lewis, who always love to explore and learn any atomic piece come to my way :)

Professionally, I’m sitting as Sr. Manager where playing with search engines algos’ is not the only job but it’s THE passion. I enjoy every single moment of my professional life...

Fond of traveling and listening music always work as a stress buster for me.

Talking about my hobbies or passion watching movies, cooking and painting (only in a good mood :p) I love to do…. Eehhhhh I forgot to mention SHOPPING which I always use to do every now and then :D Life is bare without them.

Please feel free to ask anything as far it’s concerned about my profession and passion

I’m pleased to be here and hope I’ll be getting great hubbers to interact…


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    • Very first hub of mine

      Very first hub of mine

      6 years ago

      A big HI to allI've joined this lovely community few days back. I read many hubs in these days and wrote very first hubpage. Here it is:http://dabneylewis.hubpages.com/hub/SEO … ssful-MoveI want you to review it...