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I am a mother and a massage therapist and I've been learning for years that giving the best care to others requires taking excellent care of oneself.  This can often be very challenging as stress can take you from picking a healthy lively lunch from your garden to raiding the frito and brownie shelves at the grocery store.  Tip:  Don't do your grocery shopping when you're feeling stressed, or with your kids.

My interests will be my hub topics and include massage and natural health, self care, creativity, and providing care for others.  I also love food and enjoy experimenting with raw and vegan recipes.  I also enjoy playing guitar and getting arts and crafty.  Writing is another thing I love to do and wish I had more time for, which is why I'm here.  I've recently started working on my first novel (actually, I began my first novel at age nine on a powder blue typewriter but didn't know how to finish it).

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