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I am originally from Southern California, but moved to Maine at a very young age and have remained.

I have a spiritual mindset, but my biggest belief is that everything is only a belief until proven. To be proven wrong is nothing but a lesson in life to become a better person. Metaphysics are very intriguing to me and I will tend to write about them often. I have studied several different religions, mainly Wicca and Paganism. I do have some knowledge of Bhuddism, Christianity, and Satanism, but I do not practice any religion myself.

My Sun Sign is Virgo, Moon Sign is Pisces and my Rising Sign is Gemini.

I also may write about Maine/New England a lot, as I have lived here most of my life and have a lot of knowledge of the area. I would like to travel at some point in my life and explore different parts of the world.

I enjoy the arts/crafting such as drawing and knitting. My father is a potter and computer technician. My mother and grandmother are painters. All 3 of them are animals lovers and groomers. I was born with 11 pets in the family. 

I have gone to school for liberal studies and Business Administratration and I plan on going back to school for Mental Heath to become an adult Therapist. I enjoy learning new things, and by creating this page, I am able to relay what I learn to other people. I do tend to update my hubs upon learning new information in regards to the topic. If they interest you, I would definitely recommend checking back on them every so often. 

As you can see I have many interests. I hope that you enjoy the topics I have written about. I would love suggestions on other topics from anyone. I may or may not use them but I do my research before posting anything on HubPages. 


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    There are many phases and meaning to the moon. This Hub describes some of them as well as beliefs.