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I have lots of interests and lots of projects I'm currently working on, one is making hand-crafted jewelry. 

I had and existential crisis when I was just in grade school and in my teens and twenties I became fearful that I might mess up my destiny.  I learned through faith though, that I cannot possibly be wrong just being myself and knowing that God loves me.  I don't need any other destiny other than being a child of God.

I struggle with mental illness, bipolar disorder, and I feel it a challenge to communicate what I experience.  I hope that I can contribute to understanding for those who have or know others with this mental illness.

My avatar is a  photo of our beloved family dog, Frodo.  He died in April 2011 at 15 years old!

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  • Bipolar Racing Thoughts

    Bipolar Racing Thoughts

    5 years ago

    I believe there are not enough words to describe bipolar experiences. Racing thoughts is a term that crams way too much stuff in one description. It makes understanding difficult. Of course, everyone is unique, so...