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KE Morgan, MEd

Operations Analyst, Writing Instructor, Language Arts Teacher, Guest Teacher, Retired USAF First Sergeant, Historian, Supply Management, and Army Rifleman. 

Loves to diagram sentences, write, travel, drink Irish whiskey, attend rodeos, garden, shoot trap, pick-up rocks, cuss at the Denver Broncos, and take care of my wife.

 More than 10 percent of my hub traffic is from search engines, so I invite other hub writers to link to my sites are submit links to their sites and share revenue.


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  • What to Expect at Basic Training

    What to Expect at Basic Training

    4 years ago

    Advice on basic training from a retired Senior Non Commissioned Officer that completed basic training in the Army and the Air Force. What you need to know in orde to reach your goals while minimizing setbacks.

  • Common Word Choice Errors with Homophones

    Common Word Choice Errors with Homophones

    4 years ago

    Common word choice errors that writers make with homophones. Includes an explanation of heterographs, homonyms, and heteronyms. A link to a word document of commonly misused heterographs is provided.

  • Six Traits Writing

    Six Traits Writing

    2 years ago

    Six traits for the writer to put in their toolbox. The six traits are comprised of ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.