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I am a man of many blessings.  I have been blessed recently with earning a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology as well as becoming an ordained minister.  My dissertation focused on Spirituality and Resiliency.  My life has been full of ups and downs and somehow I have remained resilient.  I have learned from mistakes in the past and grown from failures.  These have humbled me to a spiritual level in which I depend upon divine guidance rather than self.  My writings are inspirational in nature and cover a vast array of subjects.  They are mostly common everyday situations with a psychological and spiritual twist with a positive outcome.  In my ministry I use knowledge gained from a BA in Vocational Ministry as well as a psychological perspective gained from the PhD.  The ministry teachings are Biblical studies, prayer and Christian guided meditations that correlate to the biblical stories and scripture.  It is not only a learning environment but an experiential one as well.  My writings tend to use the art of metaphors, analogies and comparisons.

I also enjoy helping people help themselves.  I do this through several avenues.  I send out daily texts and emails with a Bible scripture and a short inspirational message with a positive outcome that I write and record daily.  My wife, who is a psychotherapist, and I also have a ministry in which we provide weekend retreats to the hurting and to staff of high-burnout jobs.  These retreats are transformational and life-changing.  I also have an adult anger management program that I have developed.

You can find out more about my passion at our website:

www.divinevisionsonline.com and on Face Book at Divine Visions.

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