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Im 21 years of age, im a true follower of Jesus Christ, He IS THE SAVIOR of the world & eternal life is accoplished only through him.

Im just here to raise & spread awarness, because we are living in the very last days of time & i encourage people to wake up & become spiritually mature & aware of what is before us all.

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  • Demonic Invitation

    Demonic Invitation

    4 weeks ago

    Enlightening the world on whats going on in the spiritual realm and how it ties directly in with our everyday life.

  • True Vision

    True Vision

    10 months ago

    Vision; which is the same as sight and the definition of sight is the capability or power of seeing. The Greek word for sight is θέα, which is pronounced (théa). The meaning of this word is vision, that which is...

  • The mind blowing Truth

    The mind blowing Truth

    7 months ago

    This is the last hour, we have to wake up now, the end is nearer than we expect.

  • Truth about the Seven Seals

    Truth about the Seven Seals

    11 months ago

    Many different interpretations are given to explain the prophecy of the Seven Seals & many are misinterpretations of this wonderful prophecy. It is extremely important that you understand the prophecy of the Seven...

  • Urgent Message: End Time Prophecy Revealed

    Urgent Message: End Time Prophecy Revealed

    12 months ago

    This is prophecy unfolded in debt& detail, its supported by historical events & documents. This article reveals the prophecy of Daniel 7& Revelation 13,my prayer is that this would raise your awareness