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From humble beginnings in Durban, South Africa where I thought this was how the rest of the world was, I went on to Surrey, UK where I met my fiance. And oh boy, was I surprised to awaken to a new world, new tastes, new experiences.

We now travel the world together, from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to the States where we did a road trip all across the US (truely movie style) and now, well, we're on to our next destination Europe!

The world is our oyster...

Visit my website: www.cindyspetcorner.com

I am still currently working on it but is coming along nicely :)

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  • Piano: Dominant Chords

    Piano: Dominant Chords

    6 years ago

    As you go along and learn to play piano, you will take note that the keys/chords are getting a little more complicated in their own right. But then that is how many things in life work. On the piano, the dominant...

  • Anatomy of Smooth Muscles

    Anatomy of Smooth Muscles

    6 years ago

    Smooth muscle gets its name from the fact that it lacks the striations characteristics of cardiac and skeletal muscles and consists of small cells each with a single and central nucleus. Layers of smooth muscle cells...

  • Anatomy of Cardiac Muscles

    Anatomy of Cardiac Muscles

    6 years ago

    Cardiac muscles is a type of muscle found only in the walls of the heart and is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body - the function being transportation and the transportation vehicle being blood. The heart...

  • Piano: Minor Chords

    Piano: Minor Chords

    6 years ago

    In the previous two articles (Part 4 and Part 5) we discussed the major chords from A to G. Now you are ready to be introduced to the minor scales from A to G. As you start learning to play these, you will soon...

  • Basic Piano Chords

    Basic Piano Chords

    6 years ago

    The above piano shows which notes are being played for each key There are a huge amount of chords that are possible, but most of them are more complex, and many pianist may never even use these complex chords. To be...

  • The Basics Of Learning To Play Piano

    The Basics Of Learning To Play Piano

    6 years ago

    Is it difficult to play the piano? Learning to play the piano is easier than you think. Really, the hardest part is the initial step is to go and sit behind your piano and be motivated to learn the basics. I have...