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My name is Mike Stork, a 35 - yr old Warehouse Supervisor in PA. Since the time I could hold a pencil the correct way, I've been fascinated and passionate with writing. I've scribed poems, novels and even a screenplay. Writing is what I was born to do, and I never tire of this aspiration. I shared a birthday with the great novelist Ernest Hemingway. I've always enjoyed his writing style. My goal is to deeply engage the reader with my stories, with complex characters and poignant stories. Please sit back, relax and prepare to be transported into the lives of everday people with not-so everyday problems.

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  • Hyperbole


    16 months ago

    Tire my restless mind Impede it, to unwind Shame, the abhorrent beast His presence resists to cease Prey, I am hunted Chased, oppressed, confronted Eluding truths long beheld Only to which I am...

  • In the Moon's Night

    In the Moon's Night

    16 months ago

    Winsome as he seems Confidence he beams Hollowed out, a desert drought The charm is in his dreams Shattered behind the light Cloaked in the moon’s night He’ll masquerade, and promenade Fracturing...

  • Brick and Mortar

    Brick and Mortar

    16 months ago

    Poetry to ponder

  • Union Busted

    Union Busted

    16 months ago

    Labor unions have flexed their muscles in the American workforce for over one hundred years. Why is it then, in recent years, their stronghold has weakened?

  • WTF? Smartphone bans in schools? SMH

    WTF? Smartphone bans in schools? SMH

    3 years ago

    In a society that demands the adaptation to technological advances, it behooves schools to embrace the adolescent's addiciton to smart phones and utilize this to their advantage.