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From the original Woodstock generation, instilled with an overwhelming affinity for nature, I managed to make it through college with an AAS in Horticulture and a BS in Environmental Studies while a single mom on welfare and developed a career as a restoration ecologist and wetlands specialist. Basically I got paid to hang out by the river and count frogs!

In 1999 I finally scored a job with the State in the Dept of Agriculture's Farmland Preservation Program but it didnt go as I thought it would and I got my first taste of Workplace Bullying and an Unhealthy Workplace and so a few years ago I thought it would do me some good to attempt a Masters degree as an escape plan. I found I could take classes most conveniently online and after several buying sprees at Staples and purchasing a new computer with a LOT more memory than my old one, soon found myself inundated with books and articles related to lots of funky philosophy, sociology, the usual "who am I, why am I here" stuff. I also completed the required courses for a Masters Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching during which I began to design my own online course titled NATURE, ETHICS & AESTHETICS: RELATING TO THE NATURAL WORLD IN THE 21ST CENTURY as my final Capstone Project.

By the time my Capstone thesis project was complete, I had researched and become entrenched in Environmental Philosophy, the Structures of Consciousness, the Archeology of Human Awareness and Ecopsychology: the mind/nature connection of the human psyche and earth's biosphere.

My life is at a crossroads and I've got my scopes out for opportunities that take it to a higher level where I can follow my dreams...what is there if there is no hope?

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the Life you've imagined!" ~ Thoreau

"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground...!!" unknown

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