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Hi, my name is Ed Katerly. I am 40 years old. I live in beautiful Knoxville, Tenessee with my dog, Sandy.

I used to be a project manager in the Technology Industry. I am choosing to pursue a career in writing because, unfortunately, I now lack the cognitive function and consistent habits necessary to manage projects due to over 15 years of aggressive treatment for mental disorders I have battled since childhood.

The good news is that I have a passion for writing and it seems I can still put together a solid article.

After all the years of medications, talk therapy, and, most recently electroconvulsive therapy, I still believe that life is beautiful, but I also know that it can be challenging and this very moment is all that is guaranteed; therefore, I meditate daily and do my best to remain in the present moment.

My passions include music, writing, solitude, and looking at mountains.

My hobbies consist of daily reading, listening to inspirational and motivational videos, and striving to develop into the best person I can be. I fight the human inclination to be a victim by taking the initiative to improve as a person and help others.

Enough about me, these articles are for you. I hope that you find them to be clear, interesting, and useful.



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