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Hi, welcome to my bio. My name is Sandra and about two years ago I discovered that those weird things that happened to me actually had a name, I was an empath, and that there were a bunch of people in my situation. One thing lead to another, and a nice group with similar ideas (the need to not only cope, but take it to the next level) gathered in what we called the Empath Zone Community. After a while we started sharing information regarding physical elements that help us, so the first store for the empath community was created in Empath Zone. I am going to write about the main concepts which arise from our conversations, and how they can make the life of other empaths happier. Empathy is a gift and not a curse. We are determined to master it so we can enjoy it. If you are in the same boat, consider yourself invited to Empath Zone Community.

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  • How to identify dandelion

    How to identify dandelion

    4 years ago

    Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale) is considered in many places a noxious weed. You probably played with it as a kid, blowing the seeds in the wind, and fought with it as an adult trying to comply with proper garden...

  • Joining an Empath Community

    Joining an Empath Community

    4 years ago

    The natural next step after finding out you are an empath is to connect. Empaths are usually lonely wolves, not exactly by choice, but to avoid the emotional overload. There are three communities dedicated to empaths,...