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Who I am is a very complex but gentle soul that loves life, people and continuously reflects on OUR purpose on this earth. I started my journey through life as a girl born to parents native to the island of Puerto Rico. I was raised in the South Bronx of New York and escaped the concrete jungle by seizing the opportunity to attend a small private liberal arts college in Allentown, Pa. A different world from which I was raised I assure you.

I've dedicated my adult life to those that also experienced an underprivileged life and vow to always be an inspiration to those that would never have dreamt of a richer and kinder life.

I am a Mental Health professional with 30 years of experience in supporting and advocating for a community of misunderstood, underprivileged and oppressed survivors of trauma, abuse and violence in their lives.

I am also a dreamer, an eternal optimist and writer.

I was fortunate enough to have that one influential person in my life that instilled in me the love of learning, reading and the power of the written word. To him I am eternally grateful and pay homage by touching others with words that will hopefully inspire and provide "food for thought".

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  • Gun control: the solution or just a temporary remedy

    Gun control: the solution or just a temporary remedy

    9 months ago

    On December 14, 2012 the United States of America yet again marked a day in history that will forever live in the mind of it's citizens. Not for the many notable events that we can contribute to these Americas but...

  • Going too Far

    Going too Far

    9 months ago

    Going too far Laura stood by the open window of her bedroom, rubbing her massive belly, loose strands of her black hair yielding to the soft summer breeze. She instinctively tucked one strand behind her ear and...