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Who I am is a very complex but gentle soul that loves life, people and continuously reflects on OUR purpose on this earth. I started my journey through life as a girl born to parents native to the island of Puerto Rico. I was raised in the South Bronx of New York and escaped the concrete jungle by seizing the opportunity to attend a small private liberal arts college in Allentown, Pa. A different world from which I was raised I assure you.

I've dedicated my adult life to those that also experienced an underprivileged life and vow to always be an inspiration to those that would never have dreamt of a richer and kinder life.

I am a Mental Health professional with 30 years of experience in supporting and advocating for a community of misunderstood, underprivileged and oppressed survivors of trauma, abuse and violence in their lives.

I am also a dreamer, an eternal optimist and writer.

I was fortunate enough to have that one influential person in my life that instilled in me the love of learning, reading and the power of the written word. To him I am eternally grateful and pay homage by touching others with words that will hopefully inspire and provide "food for thought".

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