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Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to browse through my HubPage and if you're already an avid reader thanks for the support. It means a lot that my writings and opinions are being heard as well as respected. If you too have a HubPage or YouTube channel that you'd like me to take a look at I would love to also return the favor in supporting you. Just a little bakground on me, I'm from the states but I'm currently here in the Philippines finishing my college studies. So to pass the time, while I'm not studying I'm an avid gamer and as well as writer on my experience in the gaming world. My main games right now are Overwatch and Trove so if you ever want to learn more about these games take a look though my page and see what I have to offer. :)

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  • Season 2 Welcoming

    Season 2 Welcoming

    5 weeks ago

    Season 2 of Competitive play starts and I just want to provide you with some recommendations as well as some experiences along with what you could do to make sure your placements are victorious.

  • OverSalted Overwatch Players

    OverSalted Overwatch Players

    7 weeks ago

    Every game has their fair share of toxic and salty players that make the game less enjoyable. Here are some ways to spot these players and how to handle them without making your own gaming tilt.

  • An Informative Guide to Everything Overwatch

    An Informative Guide to Everything Overwatch

    6 weeks ago

    Want to learn the basics of the game, master a champ, or do you just want to climb up in the ranks of competitive? Whatever the case take a look at these guides and updates in the World of Overwatch.