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Hello I am an animal lover from London UK. I have kept and worked with lots of different types of animals and have also rescued many animals. I am a keen photographer, specializing in nature photography. I have 2 stores on zazzle, Natural Beauty is where all my nature themed designs can be found. I also started teaching myself graphic design a couple of years ago. All my weird and wonderful graphic design products can be found in my second zazzle store DestroyingAngel I am a goth, vegetarian with strong views on animal rights and welfare. I am also fascinated with astronomy and have recently purchased my first telescope. I love music and play the guitar and Uke. I am considering taking up the Violin. I mainly listen to rock and country music. I also enjpy watching snooker and formula 1.

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  • Keeping your pet rat happy and healthy

    Keeping your pet rat happy and healthy

    2 years ago

    Rats make great pets and just a few small things can go a long way to making them happy and healthy. Feed them well, find a good vet and most of all love them.

  • Movement a defining Characteristic of Life

    Movement a defining Characteristic of Life

    4 years ago

    Movement is one of the 7 defining characteristics of life. The 7 characteristics of life are the 7 things that ALL living things do and they separate living things from non-living things. I was always taught the...

  • Rearing a Collared Dove Chucky's Tale

    Rearing a Collared Dove Chucky's Tale

    3 years ago

    After finding a young Collared Dove in my garden earlier this year I decided to hand rear it. This is the story of that bird. The bird came to be named Chucky, I have a habit of giving animals stupid names! I really...