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I am interested in the way of the dream. I have found most of my inspiration from dreams. I believe that we are dreaming a dream and that our dream world is real. I also think that dreams have messages for us from our higher consciousness and we need only to listen.

    Since childhood I have pursued an interest in the Spiritual in Art. I enjoyed collecting feathers in Central Park, and knew they were my spirit friends.

    Born in New York City,I studied art since childhood when I lived across the street from
The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
After marriage and four children I resumed my interest in painting and completed a BA Degree from San Jose State University.
In 1971-1973 I studied painting at the University of Freiburg in West Germany.
And in 1993 received my Masters Degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University.

After studying psychology, I began to wonder if I was sane. After all I spoke to unseen friends all the time and they put people in institutions when they do that. So, of course I never told anyone about my private world. Now I have come to realize that my communication link with outer realities has helped me through the ebbs and flow of my life experience.

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