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I love America first.

I like to write about everyday life,and also like to build log cabins,I also build chicken houses,I love to fish,especially fly fish for trout.hike,hunting is a way to get away from people and just be part of the wilderness.taking photos of the outdoors and it's wildlife is fun and rewarding when you look back at the images on your computer as years fly by.

Moving to Montana gave me that freedom as there aren't a lot of folks in the mountains at any given time.I can walk,drive and fish without seeing another person for hours. 

 I also like to cook,and can up wild jellies from the free fruits of the earth that I find growing along the River banks and mountain roads.


 By all means,if you see trash at the camp site or fishing hole,pick it up and pack it out please.

It could save a critters life.


Well I'm getting Cabin Fever,so gotta get out there and start working on the Cabin,as the snow is falling today.


Thank you for reading my Hubs and Blogs and by all means enjoy  a fishing trip this year.




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