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Hello Everyone!!

My name is Ulio and I love fun facts. I love reading books and my favorite book is Lord of The rings. I watch Naruto and any other good Anime. I read Manga as well. Currently, me and 10-20 friends of mine write different fun fact articles and I post them daily here, if you like my articles on fun facts please leave a comment and I will check it out..

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  • 5 advantages of XHTML over HTML

    5 advantages of XHTML over HTML

    7 years ago

    Prior to the release of XML, html was the most successful mark-up language in the world. When XML was introduced web professionals debated whether a new version of html in xml was needed. The professionals unanimously...

  • Fun Facts on Laptops

    Fun Facts on Laptops

    7 years ago

    Fun Facts of Laptops Laptops are one of the technological advances of our time. They are convenient and can be used almost anywhere. Users of laptops are either “occasional” or “fulltime”. With the advent of...

  • Fun Facts About Sponges

    Fun Facts About Sponges

    8 years ago

    This is sort of funny subject to be covering. What can we learn about sponges. They are definitely useful. Well I am sure there are some fun facts out there so let's try and find some:  The fact is that we all use...

  • Fun Facts About Helium

    Fun Facts About Helium

    8 years ago

    Helium is a colorless, odourless and tasteless gas. It also makes up a small amount of the air we breath. It originates from the Greek word "helios" meaning the sun. Helium is used for such things as ballons, laser...

  • Fun Facts about Ladybugs

    Fun Facts about Ladybugs

    8 years ago

    Most of us are familiar with ladybugs -- those red or orange colored insects with the black spots. But did you know that many of the over five thousand species of ladybugs worldwide actually have black bodies with red...