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The year was 1981. It had been the coldest winter anyone had ever known in the history of documented time. At approximately 7:45 a.m. the clouds parted and the snow gave way. The sun beamed down, ever so brightly, onto a small hospital on the outskirts of town. A new star was born, that by comparison, made the sun seem as but a fading candle on the window sill of the Gods. The world, as the meager people knew of, was on the brink of change and enlightenment. Prophesies told of a chosen one that would one day walk among men and deliver to them, the unknown secrets of the universe. He shall be known as Gary.

Paired with only his vibrant, vivacious mind and impeccable point of view, he sets forth into the valley of distant strangers, with the will of a buffalo and the prowess of a lion, he embarks. Never does he adhere to the advise of fools or the shallow cries of the vagrants in the streets, with their incessant taunts of criticism and ridicule. He marches on with his feet caked with the filth and trash of mortal mans mindless muck. Deeper and deeper into a concrete jungle of unknown faces and stylish stares. Motivation for this intrepid soul. Fueling the fire of a thousand thoughts and unforeseen notions. A jagged, double edge sword, if you will. 

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