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Enjoying the simple things in life.In this age of economic uncertainty I am finding new ways to support myself.Ebay has been a good source of extra income.I am also a seller on Etsy.Mineral collecting and fluorescent minerals are my passion.Field collecting is a great hobby and I enjoy that as often as I can.Fluorescent minerals are my favorite
 minerals to collect.

I also recently started making Steampunk lamps.I enjoy tearing old broken things apart and making use of what I can salvage.

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  • My Land

    My Land

    4 months ago

    This poem written about the beauty of Gods creation here in the Adirondacks of New York.I wrote this after I realized that God the creator can be seen in His creation.The vast forest,many lakes,streams and rivers offer...

  • When Stars are Bright

    When Stars are Bright

    4 months ago

    This poem was written in memory of a lady who I was to marry.Funny how that relationship ended without warning and I have never spoken to this lady since that time.We live in the same small town and I see her now and...

  • Glowing Rocks!

    Glowing Rocks!

    5 months ago

    Beautiful rock with multiple colors in SW UV light. Scheelite an ore of tungsten with intense blue color in SW UV light. Rocks that glow or fluoresce.There are four luminescent properties that minerals can...

  • Rocks, minerals and crystals where to find them,or collecting in your backyard

    Rocks, minerals and crystals where to find them,or collecting in your backyard

    4 months ago

    A great place to collect for a fee. Collecting rocks and minerals is a fun and refreshing hobby.Rocks are the nature of the earth.Minerals are the building blocks of rocks.All rocks are made up of one or more...