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Over the last three years, I have watched my income drop from more than $4000 a month to barely $1000 a month, thanks primarily to the current economic situation.  Now living on less than $1000 a month, I've had to come up with some inventive and creative ways to save money, while maintaining a lifestyle I've grown accustomed to.  Here, I will share what I've learned, and some mistakes I've made!

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  • Saving Money on Your Propane Bill

    Saving Money on Your Propane Bill

    7 years ago

    Propane, also known as LPG, isn't just for backyard barbeques, it is also used by many to power their water heaters, dryers, ovens and stoves, automobiles, and even refrigerators! Propane is a byproduct of the refining...

  • How I saved $100 on my electric bill

    How I saved $100 on my electric bill

    7 years ago

    In today's economy, saving money whereever we can is more important than ever. One of the easiest ways to save money is to cut your electric bill. With some simple changes, you can easily save 10% on your monthly bill....