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I am an EX-Pat living in the UK on a work assignment with my wife. I love living in the UK.  I have decided to take a career break, while here in the UK.

My passions are arts & culture, fashion,  politics, NFL, European football, traveling and investing. I am from Illinois.  What ever happened to hard work, the local haberdasher, and Woolworths?

I have in the past dabbled in poetry and short stories. I  want to give it a go through this medium. 

Always remember difference exposes you. Know that everything one treasures has some sort of fear involved.

I hope you like some of my writings. Leave me a comment and let me know. I would love to make some friends and connect. Peace.

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  • Blind Ambition

    Blind Ambition

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    Be success-minded positivity is hallmark negativity will derail magnify deeper personality traits procrastination kills but action gets results. visualize the outcome use imagination ...

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    Opportunity Is Reputation

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    smartening up fast already at phase two hue has gone from novelty to normal the right amount of wrong it's because of this tragic flaw the negative appeal of negativity new space...

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    The False Identity Transgender

    4 months ago

    I worked at a large hospital for 6 years after attending university, so I feel pretty knowledgeable on medical science. A person who is a man and believes he is a woman in a man's body, has a gender identity disorder....