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I am women that grew up in lower  Michigan in the early 60's .I  was left to live with 5 brothers and my dad after my parents divorced when I was 5 yrs of age .I was very happy for the most part of my  life. My dad would let us  experience most anything within reason .But what he taught us the most was how to express ourselves by  writing anywhere in our bedrooms. On the walls we would draw, color ,paint.

All of feelings in depth were exposed for those  to read to all that entered the room . So this is how i began to write .

I have alot to learn and I am new in doing this for others to see publicly . With all that I am and what I have been through in all  my life it  has made me a better person and made  my writings more in depth. Many feelings have blossomed into new ways of expressing myself  .

To know  a little  about me and what I had gone through  it is in just a small portion. Well the five brothers living are now down to just one and all had died before they were 50 yrs of age and tragic in most of them was their death. Life to short and their  death to hard.

My dad and best friend  is gone also  at the age of 58 yrs too. I have a child that was diagnose with a rare kidney disease at 13 months old and  told she would be gone at nine or ten yrs of age. A kidney may help but not for long .She is 22 yrs old and still has her own kidneys and  doing fairly well until December 2011 and  received  a kidney from a person she met in May of 2011 and on December 22nd 2011 and now is doing great.

I have had to close the book of 22 years of her care and now I am writing a new book for a life my daughter has never had until Darron W. had given her his kidney . 

I am newly divorced now of this year April  of 2011 after 25 years of marriage and 28 years with him.

My writings go from every feeling imagined . As you read them I hope you glean from them. And  I hope you  can feel the longings in my soul and my heart's desire that yet has not been met .

So  please comment in your own  ways to make me better in what l love to do most .Write and express myself... inside out.

All pictures are taken by me, unless stated and if so always with permission and or are given to me for my use . 

 Feel free to leave comments that will help me, may they be good or bad, they will help me become what I long to do .. a better writer.

And to show you my heart how it feels at times and its' need to express... this is how I have survived ...Writing is my passion ...

spelling and grammar are not ..... lol

 Thank you,







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