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My name is Brett and I am a 40 year old freelance writer currently living in Rhode Island.  I have been writing all my life and enjoy working on fictional projects, but love writing about just about anything, really.  These pages are geared toward those of us that are on a budget and can't simply pay a tech or buy new hardware to make our computers work better.  These are also based on many months worth of research into how to make Windows run better and faster.  I've also discovered some methods of easily and safely backing up Windows and personal files.  Thank you for visiting my HubPages and I hope what I've written can help you make your life more enjoyable.

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  • Windows 7 - Quick Launch

    Windows 7 - Quick Launch

    7 years ago

    My Windows 7 RC1 x64 Desktop One of the complaints that I hear about Windows 7 is that there is no Quick Launch Bar. I didn't see a need for it, but I tracked down instructions for returning it to the Taskbar. After...

  • Windows 7 - Moving My Documents

    Windows 7 - Moving My Documents

    6 years ago

     There could be many reasons for moving your My Documents folder.  You may want to keep the folder safe by storing it on a seperate drive and free up space on your system drive.  Perhaps...

  • Maintenance - Computer Fan

    Maintenance - Computer Fan

    7 years ago

    First of all, the disclaimer: I don't recommend this as any type of preventative maintenance, or to make your computer quieter. This operation is only a 'last resort' type of solution if you have a fan that is getting...