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I have always been a small town girl, living in the country areas around cows and cornfields.  Not to much of interest really, but I always wanted to write, and I may not be the best writer, but I will do what I can to speak my voice whether it is for entertaiment or serious issues that are of interest.

I have a wonderful husband named, James.  No children, and don't want any at this point, we just got married.  We live in a high rise apartment in West Frankfort, Illinois.  I am 32 years old.  I come from a family of four siblings, and my parents are still married, which that is a good thing because most people get divorced no sooner then they are married.

As far as religion goes, I am open minded and spiritual.  Not really religious, but I am open minded to most religions, and try not to discriminate other people for what they believe in, but if I don't agree with how people view certain points, I will speak my mind.

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  • Jim Morrison: A Legend Of His Own

    Jim Morrison: A Legend Of His Own

    7 years ago

    As we all know, Jim Morrison is a well-known legend through his music, poetry, and photography talent. His prodigy will always be talked about from times on end . Although, I didn’t find Jim Morrison a very nice...

  • The World’s Role Model: Diana, The People’s Princess

    The World’s Role Model: Diana, The People’s Princess

    7 years ago

     I would love to call her a princess because to the world she was the “the people’s princess.” Although her and Prince Charles divorced in 1996, her title “Princess of Wales” was...