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Heartwort is an herb (Leonidas cardiaca, aka motherwort) that I have had a special affinity to for years.  Thus I have chosen it for a pen name.

My first interest in herbs started about 25 years ago. In addition to growing and using herbs, I have studied herbal texts, taken an herbal certification course and attended herbal conferences and classes on herbalism. I might be considered a home herbalist by some. Really, I'm just a regular person who wants to live well and stay close to the earth.  I have, however, gained some knowledge and attitude along the way that I believe others may find useful.  This seems like a good place to share that.

Alot of my knowledge and experience is also related to twenty years of experience as a nurse.  I have worked mostly in intensive care environments but also have experience in women's health and home care.  I have been at more deaths, good and bad,  than I can possibly count.  Death and dying within our current healthcare system can be frought with unnecessary suffering and conflict.  I hope I can share some information and provoke some thinking that may help people prepare for the inevitability before it occurs.

I'm also a scratch cook.  I've taken to writing down my recipes as I cook or bake. My specialty would be cheesecakes. Yum! I've certainly used the recipes of others and continue to do so but much of what I make in the kitchen gets modified.  By writing them down I can be sure to save those dishes that come out particularly good.  I will be sharing those here as well. 


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