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Heidi Nel (heidi new hubber) is a 44 year old woman, and she is young at heart. Her hobbies are exercise, yoga, dancing, horse riding and daydreaming. She loves the beautiful South African sunsets, and the gardenia flower. She has a great passion for cats. She would love to run the comrades marathon, the two oceans marathon, and she would also love to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Her motto in life is to keep plugging away bit by bit, and to keep at it.





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  • Inspiring Angels

    Inspiring Angels

    10 days ago

    Angels really do exist, and they also do help people. They are spiritual beings, and they are so pure and holy. Angels communicate with us in many wonderful ways. They still appear to people.

  • Popular African Grey Parrots

    Popular African Grey Parrots

    10 days ago

    African grey parrots are very popular as pets. They can live for 50-70 years in captivity. Of all the parrot species, the African grey parrot is the best talker. African grey parrots are talented.

  • Magnificent Horses and Ponies

    Magnificent Horses and Ponies

    10 days ago

    Horses and ponies are highly sensitive. Horse riding is a great hobby. Riding with friends gives you exercise and an opportunity to see the countryside.

  • The Spectacular Eiffel Tower

    The Spectacular Eiffel Tower

    4 weeks ago

    If you are touring in the beautiful city of Paris, then a visit to the Eiffel Tower is a must. This most recognizable Parisian landmark is truly magnificent. Built in 1889, for the World's Fair.

  • Swimming is a Great Exercise

    Swimming is a Great Exercise

    4 weeks ago

    Swimming has so many benefits. Steady swimming is an aerobic activity, and it feels so exhilarating. It's definitely a fun way to exercise, and it does not harm your joints.

  • The Wonderful Power of Prayer

    The Wonderful Power of Prayer

    5 weeks ago

    Prayers do get answered. Some prayers get answered right away, and other prayers may take years. .Never give up on prayer. Time spent in prayer, is time well spent. Miracles do still happen.

  • Cockatiels As Pets

    Cockatiels As Pets

    4 weeks ago

    Cockatiels are very intelligent birds, and they make wonderful pets for young and old. Cockatiels are extremely sociable birds and they love attention.

  • Dangerous Sharks

    Dangerous Sharks

    6 weeks ago

    Sharks are fearsome creatures of the deep ocean. They are prehistoric predators, and they come in an assortment of various sizes and shapes. They live in all the oceans, moving through the water.