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I live in sunny California, where I do some computer stuff and some garden stuff and some kitchen stuff. If you measure wealth in terms of happiness and laughter, I am filthy stinkin' rich.

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  • Photographing the Moon and Stars

    Photographing the Moon and Stars

    3 years ago

    The moon and stars make great subjects for night photography. While capturing celestial objects seems arcane and tricky, it's actually well within the reach of beginners, and many types of night sky photography require...

  • Growing Indigo Rose Tomatoes

    Growing Indigo Rose Tomatoes

    3 years ago

    You've probably seen purple or black tomatoes before. They're usually neither purple nor black. If you're lucky, they are quite dark, with a purplish-brown hue. If not, they're just plain brown. Indigo Rose tomatoes are...

  • Growing Purple Passion Spinach

    Growing Purple Passion Spinach

    2 years ago

    Purple passion spinach, also known as red orach or mountain spinach, is a garden plant that has it all. Pretty, tasty, and nutritious, its broad, velvety leaves range from deep, red-veined green to brilliant purple,...

  • How to Choose a Cat Who Will Kill Mice

    How to Choose a Cat Who Will Kill Mice

    2 years ago

    Some cats hunt, while others just cry by their food bowls. If you live in an area where rodents are a problem, here are a few guidelines you can use to find a cat who will catch those mice for you.