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Hello! My name is Tyler and I've been gardening and growing food for myself and my family for over five years. When i'm not busy in the garden, you might find me building a cool website. I was the founder of Seekyt.com and TopicSpotter.com, two revenue sharing sites that tought me the ins and outs of earning money online. Fast forward a few years, and I'm back here at HubPages, ready to publish a bunch of new articles!

Don't forget to follow me and read my awesome hubs! Thanks for stopping by!

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  • Perennial Flowering Vines

    Perennial Flowering Vines

    20 months ago

    Vines are a joy to grow and have an unmatched visual impact on vertical spaces. Perennial Flowering Vines can be trained and grown in almost any shape, and will continue to blossom for many years.

  • Perennial Lilies

    Perennial Lilies

    20 months ago

    Lilies are flowering plants which grow from bulbs and produce beautiful, colorful flowers. These perennials are sure to be a focal point among the other herbaceous plants in your garden.

  • Shade Loving Perennial Flowers

    Shade Loving Perennial Flowers

    20 months ago

    Most flowers and plants require sunlight to thrive, but these shade loving perennials prove that some plants do very well in lower-light conditions.

  • Examples of Perennial Plants

    Examples of Perennial Plants

    20 months ago

    From flowers to ferns, edibles to grasses and herbs, there is a perennial plant that will beautifully compliment your garden. Below are some examples of perennial plants to help get you started.

  • 50 Tips for Effortless Grilling

    50 Tips for Effortless Grilling

    7 years ago

    Ah, the summertime.  Few things are more distinct than the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell of a grill preparing delicacies when one is reminded of summer.  This year, the clear skies and warm temperatures make...

  • How to make your bed military style

    How to make your bed military style

    7 years ago

    There is nothing that looks cleaner or more professional in your bedroom than a properly made bed.  There are many different ways to make a bed, and some methods look better than others.  In this tutorial, you will...

  • How To Clean Brass

    How To Clean Brass

    6 years ago

    Whether you want to polish your brass, or add a nice patina to give your brass an antique look, the most important step you must take to make your finished brass look beautiful is to clean your brass.  In this article,...

  • How to Grout Tile Easily

    How to Grout Tile Easily

    22 months ago

    Grouting tile is often seen as a difficult or redundant task for many home owners who want to take a DIY approach to home improvement. This is often because learning how to grout tile has no learning curve - there is no...

  • How to create your own software instrument in Garageband

    How to create your own software instrument in Garageband

    22 months ago

    Okay, maybe you are fed up with the limited bank of sounds that Garageband supplies with its software.  Or, maybe you just don't like the quality of the sounds.  If you have your own instrument, and you have recorded...

  • The Couch Potato Guide to Losing Weight Fast

    The Couch Potato Guide to Losing Weight Fast

    7 years ago

    Learn how to easily lose a lot of weight fast following my Couch Potato Guide to weight loss, which allows you to lose weight without ever leaving your living room!

  • How to get the best shave of your life

    How to get the best shave of your life

    22 months ago

    With all of the commercials these days depicting the commercial multi-blade razors that look more like a cheese grater than something you'd want to drag across your face, shaving properly like a real man has been lost...