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Hi! im Cris easy-going, always empathetic, always rational, Loves to play Devil's Advocate to helps open up a whole new ways of approaching problems and finding solutions.

Can easily adapt to new environments and people. Full of rich adventure and enjoys art, sports, workingout, a bit of techy stuff and travelling,

I am not really a good writer i guess this would be a pefect place for me to improve on my writing skill, so please feel free to criticize my hub I would really appreciate it for me to try and make a beter one.

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  • IP Address and Subnetting

    IP Address and Subnetting

    5 years ago

    I stumbled upon my old notes from networking and thought of sharing a thing or two about it. Objective *Learn the different Classes of IP Address *Identify IP Addresses *Learn How to perform IP Subnetting IP...