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A bit about me;

I was born and raised in the town of Llanelli on the south coast of Wales. Outside of the UK it seems most people think of the whole island as England, when in fact there are four historic nations that make up the Island; Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and England. In Wales, more so than any of the other Celtic countries, even Ireland. We still speak the ancient language that existed before the Anglo-Saxon invasions of the 5th Century. I was 11 years old before I could speak English with any proficiency (There are some who say I don’t speak it yet)

I went to work for the local bus company, South Wales Transport, in 1971. It was only a stopgap until I could find something better. I’m still looking for something better. I’ve been involved with mass transit ever since. I worked as a bus driver, an assistant transport manager and, for a change of pace, as a tour bus driver based in London. I was living the happy, carefree life of a bachelor and loving it. “Fall into their arms but not into their hands” was my motto. Then an American woman, on vacation, caught my bus. Before I knew it I was married and living in Los Angeles, California. We just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. I should mention that my wife is a Native American, Apache nation. We have two boys, half Welsh and half Apache, I joke that they are going to grow up to be drunken fighting fools.

When I came to California I decided to do what I have always done and I joined the bus company. I became a federally certified instructor and yes I teach Americans how to drive a bus. As an instructor I would often point out the importance of what we do. I believe and have always believed that mass transit is essential to modern civilization.

There are a number of highlights to my career; More than I could comfortably fit into this article. The award that I am most proud of came in the year 2000 when the readers of the Downtown News voted me “Best Bus Driver” in Los Angeles. The other highlight was when I was a bus operator out of the company’s West Hollywood Division, a television station back in Wales were doing a program called “The Welsh in Hollywood” We drove a bus around Hollywood and Beverly

Hills with the T.V. crew on board filming and interviewing me. It resulted in a lot of e-mails and calls from friends and family.

In 2009 I received a call from a production company, Human World, based in Santa Monica. They contacted me through the Celtic Arts Center; they were making a promo video for the release of Bungie Corporation’s latest addition to the Halo X-Box 360 game series called “Halo 3 ODST.” I’m not a gamer and had never heard of the game up to that point. They said they wanted a song for the video and they were looking for an “Obscure” language. They felt Welsh would be a good fit and asked if I could write the song. I agreed, we used the tune from a contemporary Welsh song called “Lament” gave it a martial beat, then following the guidelines they gave me I wrote the song. It went viral on You Tube and is still very popular.

On-line writing is how I fulfill my life time dream of being an author. If you have the same dream join HubPages and start making it a reality.

Though I write about a variety of subjects, my main interests lie in Myths and legends from the past and opinions about the shenanigans of today.

I love the art of driving, Some of my hubs will reflect that.

We're a Pagan family and our lives are truly Goddess blessed.

We're also a very fun loving bunch.

Among other bits of this and that, my You Tube Channel features my telling the old Welsh legends the way they were told to me. With the Welsh Poetry and translations of course.

I recently retired and moved back to Wales. We found a lovely home in a village close to where I was raised. Then I got elected to the town council. Another adventure.

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