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Renee Rotto dreams of a free utopian society and a world of peace. A society that is not jaded by political and financial corruption, but instead nurtures our innate sense of guardianship for this planet earth and all its souls. She believes in the importance of miracles and that somehow even within the most desperate of times it is still possible to turn things around. Is there still time for man or will he burn himself out taking everything living with him. Will he have such little regard for those who come after that he will only placate his own immediate gratification?

Can there ever be such a place where logic rules over pious indignation and good defeats evil? Will we all have the same rights to choose what to think and feel or is that only an option for a select few? In a perfect society we should be free to choose without being mandated by those who have devious agendas. Freedom means more than choosing between paper and plastic. If we can believe in a dream with enough conviction, can a dream become reality?



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    Superhumans: Evolutionary Genetic Mutations

    3 years ago

    Mutations and Evolutions We live in a world of superhumans. We have superhumans all around us really. They are everywhere. Anyone of us may already possess potential superpowers. Stan Lee the co-creator of Spiderman,...