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Degree in Film & Video, CCNA certified, Higher Diploma in Computer Science, Masters Degree in information security and digital forensics. General love for technology, photography and film.

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  • 5 golden rules for staying safe online

    5 golden rules for staying safe online

    3 months ago

    If you have been reading my posts you will notice that a number of points keep popping up. The reason for this is of course that these particular points are vital to keeping yourself safe online. For the few out there...

  • Securing your android (the basics)

    Securing your android (the basics)

    3 months ago

    I have been asked a bit lately about securing android devices as I tend to focus on the apple side of things as I myself use the iPhone. There is a myth out there that android is inherently insecure and this really...

  • Protecting Windows 10 (The Basics)

    Protecting Windows 10 (The Basics)

    3 months ago

    Over the past few months Microsoft have been firing out their new operating system Windows 10 to the world for free. This blog is more aimed at anyone who is just after installing the operating system as chances are if...

  • Securing your laptop

    Securing your laptop

    3 months ago

    For most people laptops are a normal part of their daily lives, however how much thought do people actually put into how secure these devices are? We use laptops for work, banking, our personal data photographs etc so...

  • Securing your iPhone 5 +

    Securing your iPhone 5 +

    3 months ago

    As the title suggests for this post I am just focusing on the iPhone 5 and up. For the most part Apple are pretty slick when it comes to patching their devices and keeping things secure, however a lot of the features of...