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Dale J Ovenstone, currently residing in Cardiff, S Wales. Being the creator of fine, outstanding ceiling and wall finishes for over thirty years, keeps me happy indeed. My work is not all DIY, though, as I am involved with many other passions (and even novel writing projects.)

Only few years ago I trained within the citizens' advice bureau sector; where until recently I helpied folk to deal with personal / financial situations and issues. Everyday, someone somewhere will need to communicate to release. i love to listen, I will admit, and I can also input my own analysis onto their personal situation, uncannily. Most outcomes are highly successful, which is what I aim for

In 2008, I become a tutor within the Post Compulsery Education Training (PCET) sector. I hold a certificate to teach adult learners, and was assigned to develop bespoke learning programs: involving DIY, decorating, plastering, ceramic tiling-plus a plethora of other creative, and IT subjects, prior to delivering classes to adult groups, or NEET youths (16-24 year old; not in education, employment or training.) Within my local community, and further afield.

I have a fascination with the mechanics of human emotion, and certain triggers to physical responses (you know, the actions other people take;) And this is one of those reason I became a taxi driver, way back in the year 1999. I loved working throughout the entire night on Fridays & Saturdays.

Our true self is who we really are. Our physical body is only a vehicle to carry us within this physical plane. We are energy, like a burning furnace emanating; and the possibilities of that notion really excites me.

It was the beginning of 2006 that I discovered a worldwide interest within my very drywall texturing passion, on-line. I researched nonstop and there was a lack of information, but folk wanted to know more so I set about creating the missing pieces; and these unique guides, books, articles and Instructional videos were born. The step by step tutorials are very popular, and are unique. These tutorials enable interested DIY enthusiasts, worldwide, to have a go.

(If this is your kind of thing) and would like to see demonstrations of amazing comb drywall textures, known as Artexing in the UK, textured art efects and techniques onto ceilings and walls, visit my youtube channel listed below, and take a look


Thank you for visiting. Feel free to contact me


Many regards, Dale Ovenstone

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