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I have a master's degree in psychology from Tennessee Tech U., with emphasis in counseling, learning, and experimental psychology. My work experience includes counseling, psychological testing, and I am currently in the teaching field. I am married, female, and have a 21-year-oid son.

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  • N'kisi: Talking Parrot Genius and Psychic

    N'kisi: Talking Parrot Genius and Psychic

    4 years ago

    N'kisi, from The N'kisi Project website. N'kisi is a 14-year-old African Grey parrot from New York City with a working vocabulary of over 1000 words. N'kisi does not mimic human speech; he converses with people. N'kisi...

  • Our Solar System Needs A Name!

    Our Solar System Needs A Name!

    7 years ago

    A few years back, it occurred to me that our Solar System needs a new name. This personal epiphany came on the heels of the landmark discovery in the early '90's that other stars out there have planetary systems like...