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My name is Jacob, and I am assosiated with 400 billion years of evolutionary success. I am the product of trial and error, mistake and triumph; victory and defeat. I have a PhD in passionate results and self-sufficiency. I am the architect of my life, I choose it's content and build it's foundations. 

Each one of these publications are professionally hand crafted by a 20 year old egocentric maniac. Let's discuss our physical dreams and desires. Let's ponder the creation of the universe. Let us dive into the art of culinary preparation. Most importantly, let's get together and see if we can solve many of life's wants and needs.

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  • Dofus


    18 months ago

    An in-depth review of Dofus 2, the turn based strategy game from publisher Ankama Games.

  • SAO (Sword Art Online) Review

    SAO (Sword Art Online) Review

    18 months ago

    Sword Art Online teased me with sweet dessert, gave me a craving for more, then left me with a sour aftertaste. Here's my official review of Sword Art Online.