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After being unemployed like many others for a few years now, a full time student and mother I felt I would share what I have learned and what I love with the world. I found HubPages to be an execellent sounding board to start writing. My interests vary widely and I am hoping to put out a decent variety of hubs.

My hopes are to grow as a writer and learn as much as I can from others.

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  • The Lover's Twisted Tale: Rene Magritte

    The Lover's Twisted Tale: Rene Magritte

    5 years ago

    Art has been a part of the human experience for thousands of years. An artist creates for many reasons but there is always a meaning for it. That meaning varies upon the individual viewing it. Life experiences and...

  • Dream Interpretation: Past Lives

    Dream Interpretation: Past Lives

    6 years ago

    Past Lives There is a great deal of belief in reincarnation, past lives and even concurrent lives (parallel universes). As fascinating as those are I would like to focus on the dreams that we have that may in-fact be...