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I'm just a young woman trying to make it in this crazy world and I joined HubPages to share a little of my own wisdom and thoughts. I love to write, read, draw and craft things out of clay. I also make homemade dog, cat and horse treats and have 2 online shops for each of these little hobbies of mine. 

I love to listen to music and watch movies. I'll listen to just about anything besides classical, I like rock, rap, country, indie and many others. I like to watch horror movies, comedies and the occational drama but I LOVE musicals! 

Currently in my crazy life: I'm trying to find a job, get a car and a license. It's hard work but I'm staying positive that I will be able to accomplish all 3 of those goals! 

If you'd like to know more about me feel free to message me with questions. 

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  • Killer whales aka Orcas

    Killer whales aka Orcas

    2 years ago

    The Orca is a beautiful animal that has a nasty reputation, this is due to it's powerful jaws and sharp teeth along with it being the most intelligent creatures on Earth.

  • Megalodon Interesting Facts

    Megalodon Interesting Facts

    2 years ago

    This enormous predator lived in the Oceans millions of years ago and fed off of whales and dolphins. Some say it's still alive today.

  • Save the tigers 2014

    Save the tigers 2014

    2 years ago

    Tigers are beautiful and amazing animals and their numbers are dropping in the wild. There are only two species of tigers left in the world and several others that have already been extinct.

  • Aliens do they exist or not

    Aliens do they exist or not

    2 years ago

    Do aliens exist? Is there some other form of life out there? Is the government hiding the truth from you? In this article I will express my own personal opinions on this topic and why I Believe.

  • Bearded Dragon Behavior and Diseases

    Bearded Dragon Behavior and Diseases

    6 weeks ago

    Learn more about normal and abnormal dragon behavior and the most common diseases, symptoms and how to prevent them and treat them. This covers MBD, Mouth Rot, Parasites and more.

  • How to make a clay turtle

    How to make a clay turtle

    2 years ago

    Ever wanted to make something cute out of clay? How about a turtle or two? They are easy and fun to make and you can sell them or give them as gifts to friends and family!

  • raising a Bearded Dragon

    raising a Bearded Dragon

    2 years ago

    Learn to care for baby bearded dragons all the way into adult hood.