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A sensitive writer who writes with nostalgia about themes that occupy a space in the vicinity of philiosophy, religion, art, science and the illusion of absolutes created by the shattering of original rhythm and rhyme into "street signs" of every stripe but true..


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  • The Invention of Blue

    The Invention of Blue

    6 months ago

    A romp through the history of the metaphor Blue in the West... ( Adapted from "The quest of a true blue M & M" in the International New York Times of Oct. 8-9, 2016 ).

  • One for Daddy-O

    One for Daddy-O

    7 months ago

    From the narrator's childhood and part 2 of The Tale of the Purple People Eater: A story of his flight from a continent at war and his discovery of a childhood passion and provenance for the future..

  • The Rainbow Child

    The Rainbow Child

    4 days ago

    A short story excerted from the author's manuscript "Of Time and the Night."

  • Istanbul, Athens or Rome

    Istanbul, Athens or Rome

    7 months ago

    The author pines for the art of literature in old world manor houses in Eastern empire cities where history hangs in the air tugging at the hairs of his neck all the way back to some primal light...